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Corning / Redding / Anderson

Bartels Giant Burger


22355 Corning Rd
Corning, CA 96021
(530) 824-2788


2311 North St
Anderson, CA 96007
(530) 365-5300


18509 Lake Blvd E
Redding, CA 96003
(530) 243-7313

Old Fashioned Quality Since 1975

Dear Patron
For over 35 years, we have committed all our efforts to not only provide you with premium 'old fashioned quality' in the preparation of the menu items you enjoy, but to ensure that with each and every one of your visits here, you are welcomed with another 'old fashioned' ingredient...personalized service! Recent menu changes you may have noticed are an example of that service as we respond to our patron's wishes for more 'customized' choices when it comes to ordering selections. Since opening our first burger shop on Bechelli Lane in Redding back in 1975 along with the support and guidance of Don Bartels, everything we do is to show that even in this fast-pcaed world we live's important to slow down and make sure that our patrons 'taste the difference' our quality makes from our fresh ground beef cooked to your specifications right on down to the fresh sliced tomato, leaf lettuce, and red onion garnishes. We are grateful for, and want to thank, all our loyal customers who have supported us through the years and, be assured, not a day will pass when we will offer you anything less than quality products and personalized service.


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